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The number one burning question I’m asked, as a new car broker, is “What is the wait time for insert new car model?

Welcome, then, to the answer to that question, in the form of the Complete Guide to New Car Availability in Australia in 2024

New Car Wait Times Australia: Listed by Brand & Model
New Car Wait Times Australia: Wait Times Listed for Every Brand and Model


I WROTE this article to attempt to answer the question above for as many new-car buyers as possible, as new car supply continues to improve in early 2024.

In addition to that big question, there are variations and related questions, which make up my Top 4 Most Asked New Car Buying Questions over the last year:

  1. How soon can I get a particular new car in Sydney?
  2. Which new cars are available now in Australia?
  3. What’s the wait time for a certain make and model new car?
  4. Can I still get a discount on a new car?

And the answers to these questions have often surprised, shocked, disappointed or delighted my clients, depending on the new car model we were talking about…

When I wrote this article, I decided the most important information for new-car buyers would be a list of Availability in Months for the Majority of Popular New Cars.

Therefore, it had to cover all the best-selling new cars, and include availabilities for entire model ranges.

Most articles on this topic understate or gloss over the problems with new car availability. That’s because they’re based on official statements from car brands, which deliberately downplay the issue.

Whereas, this article paints an accurate picture using new car availability information from my network of suppliers, drawing on data from fleet sales managers and dealership stock controllers, who know exactly what’s happening on the ground.

However, the current car market is a complex creature, so there can be exceptions to the wait times listed – such as certain model grades or engines that come into stock while the rest of the range is months off.

Equally, availability is always shifting – for better or worse.

In view of this, when I become aware of changed availability for a particular new car, I will update the list.

But if you’re ever not sure, you can always Ask for a Free Availability & Price Check.

In addition to new car availability details, this article contains a whole lot of other useful info about the New Car Market Landscape in Australia.

It includes the answers to questions such as:

  • Can I negotiate or get a discount on a new car in 2024?
  • What about cancelled new car orders?
  • When will the new car market get back to normal in Australia?
  • Will used car prices drop in 2024?
  • And so many others

First of all, though, knowing that most of my clients want the answer to ‘How Soon Can I Get the New Car I Want?‘ more than anything else, here’s The List (Last Updated Feb 27, 2024):

Wait Times for the Majority of Popular New Cars in Australia in 2024

FordVersionAvailabilityExtra info
RangerXL, XLS, XLT & Sport 2.0L1-3 months 4×2 & 4×4
 XLT V63 mths or more 
 Sport V63 mths or more 
 Wildtrak 2.0L10 months 
 Wildtrak V616 months 
 Wildtrak V6/2.0 Premium16 months 
 Raptor24 months 
EverestTrend5 months plus 
 Ambiente5 mths or more 
 Sport12-18 months 
 Platinum12-18 months 
Escape1-5 monthsIn run-out 
PumaMost versions1 month or more 
HyundaiVersionAvailabilityExtra info
i30Hatchback & sedan3-6 months
TucsonMost variants3-6 monthsStock of some versions
Kona2.0 Petrol3-6 months
Santa FeMost variants3-6 monthsStock of some versions
PalisadeMost variants3-6 monthsStock of some versions
KIAVersionAvailabilityExtra info
SportageS & SX Petrol3 months 
 SX+ Petrol4 months 
 GT-Line Petrol12 months 
 S & SX Diesel6 months 
 SX+ Diesel9 months 
 GT-Line Diesel12 months 
CeratoMost variants6-9 months 
Seltos 6 months 
StonicS & Sport6 months 
StonicGT-Line9 months 
CarnivalPetrol & diesel12 monthsPlatinum not available
SorentoDiesel (exc. GT-Line)6 months 
 GT-Line Diesel12 months 
SorentoPetrol12 months  
LexusVersionAvailabilityExtra info
NXNX250 LuxuryIn stockLimited stock of Luxury only
 NX2502-4 monthsAll except Luxury
NX3505-7 months
 NX350h24 months or more 
RXRX350 LuxuryIn stockLimited stock of Luxury only
 RX350h6-8 monthsAll except Luxury
 RX350h6-8 months 
RX500h F Sport12 months or more
UXUX2004-6 months 
 UX250h8-10 months 
 UX300e8-10 months
LXLX500d & LX60024 mths or more
MazdaVersionAvailabilityExtra info
CX-5 As little as a monthMaxx Sport is more available
CX-30 As little as a month 
BT-50 Up to 6 months 
CX-3 As little as a month 
Mazda 3 As little as a month G25 much earlier than G20
CX-9 In stock Run-out stock
CX-8 As little as a month 
Mazda is among the brands with the best availability in Australia in 2024. We can access substantial new Mazda discounts across the range for customers in Sydney & Greater NSW | Learn More

New Car Availability in Australia in 2024

Mercedes-BenzVersionAvailabilityExtra info
C-ClassC200, C300 & AMG sedansIn stock
GLA-Class 1-2 weeks 
MGVersionAvailabilityExtra info
ZSMost variants0-1 monthSome stock
MG3Most variants0-1 monthSome stock
HSMost variants0-1 monthSome stock
MitsubishiVersionAvailabilityExtra info
Triton 6 mths or moreNew Triton for 2024
OutlanderPetrol non-hybrid3-5 months 
OutlanderPHEV12 months plus 
ASX 2-3 months 
Pajero Sport 6 mths or more 
Eclipse CrossPetrol non-hybrid6 months 
Eclipse CrossPHEV12 mths or more 
NissanVersionAvailabilityExtra info
Navara6 months or more
X-Trail6 months or more
Patrol6 months or more
SkodaVersionAvailabilityExtra info
Kamiq 0-3 monthsSome Style stock. Others 2-3 months
Kodiaq 0-3 monthsSome Style & RS stock
Karoq 0-3 monthsSome Style stock
Octavia 0-3 monthsStyle & RS
SubaruVersionAvailabilityExtra info
Outback 2.54 monthsXT models 6 months
Forester 2.54 monthsHybrids 6 months or more
Crosstrek 2.04 monthsHybrids 6 months or more
Impreza Sold outNew model for 2024
WRX 2-4 months 
ToyotaVersionAvailabilityExtra info
Corolla HatchAscent Sport5 months 
Corolla HatchSX-ZR10 months 
Corolla HatchZR w/ two-tone paint14 months 
Corolla HatchHybrid Ascent Sport6 months 
Corolla HatchHybrid SX-ZR12 months 
Corolla HatchHybrid ZR w/ two-tone paint16 months 
Corolla Sedan 8 months 
Corolla SedanHybrid14 months 
RAV4Petrol 6 months 
RAV4Hybrid GX & GXL24 months 
RAV4Hybrid XSE, Cruiser & Edge36 months 
Hilux5-9 mths plusWorkmate 4×2 auto quickest. Higher grade Double and Extra Cab, manual or premium interior slower.

New Car Availability in Australia in 2024

ToyotaVersionAvailabilityExtra info
PradoGX & GXL6 monthsFlat tailgate takes longer
PradoVX & Kakadu10 monthsFlat tailgate takes longer
KlugerPetrol & Hybrid12 months 
LandCruiser 300GX & GXL10 months 
LandCruiser 300Other variants18-24 months plus 
HiaceLWB Van12 months 
HiaceSLWB Van9 months 
Corolla Cross2wd6-8 months or more 
Corolla Cross2wd Hybrid18 months 
Corolla CrossAWD Hybrid18 months 
Corolla CrossATMOS AWD Hybrid24 months 
Yaris Cross 6 monthsUrban w/ two-tone paint takes longer
Yaris CrossHybrid10 monthsUrban w/ two-tone paint takes longer
Yaris 5 months 
YarisHybrid10 months 
FortunerMost variants6 months 
FortunerCrusade10 months 
CamryPetrol & Hybrid excluding SL12 months 
CamryHybrid SL24 months 
C-HRTurbo Petrol6 months 
C-HRHybrid12 months 
C-HRGR Sport Hybrid24 months 
Granvia 8 months 
VolkswagenVersionAvailabilityExtra info
T-CrossMost variants3-4 monthsSome incoming stock
AmarokHigh grades6 monthsAvailable to order from June
AmarokLife / Style2 months
T-RocMost variants2 months
TiguanLife 110 TSI & 132 TSI3-4 months 
Tiguan4MotionOrders closed 
Tiguan Allspace12 mths or more 
GolfMost variants2 monthsSome incoming stock
GolfGolf ROrders closed 
VolvoVersionAvailabilityExtra info
XC40HybridIn stock 
XC40 Electric – single motor3 months 
XC40Electric – twin motor4 months 
XC60 In stockLimited $5000 cashback offer
XC90In stock
S60Mild HybridIn stockLimited stock, then 1-2 months

It’s quite a list, hey?

Here’s my summary – even though new car lead times are progressively getting shorter in early 2024, most popular models still come with a wait in months.

However, if you are extremely flexible and need to buy a new car, there are makes and models available quickly, and these often make more sense than buying a used car at the current inflated prices.

Believe it or not, for some popular models the current wait times are good by the standards of the last two years.

I consider a wait of about three months to be a good result, and if we can find a car in one or two months, that’s great.

Beyond that, I’ve found a wait of five or six months covers a lot of the market, and is also about the limit of what’s workable for a lot of buyers.

The Most Available New Car Models in Australia

Mazda is among the brands with the best availability in Australia in 2024. We can access substantial new Mazda discounts across the range for customers in Sydney & Greater NSW | Learn More

Let’s say you’re a bit flexible on your choice of new car – you want something like a top-spec Toyota Corolla, but you’d consider another Japanese or Korean small car.

Alternatively, you might be considering a model such as the hugely popular Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, but you can’t wait for more than a year for a new car!

That’s where the shortlists below come in.

They’re designed to help you find a similar new car to your preferred model, with an earlier delivery date.

Here are the Top 3 Most-Available Cars by size and class across the most popular segments:

Small cars: Most-available

  • Mazda 3 G25 variants (G20 wait times longer) | As little as a few weeks
  • Hyundai i30 hatchback and sedan | 3 to 6 months
  • Subaru Impreza | 4 to 5 months

Small SUVs: Most-available

Medium SUVs: Most-available

  • Mazda CX-5 | As little as 1 month
  • Hyundai Santa Fe | 3 to 6 months
  • Subaru Forester | 4 to 6 months

Work Utes: Most-available

  • Ford Ranger | 3 months (lower grade work utes only; high grade dual-cabs take much longer)
  • Mitsubishi Triton | 3 to 4 months
  • Toyota Hilux | 6 months (lower grade work utes only; high grade dual-cabs take much longer)

Which New Cars Are Available In Stock in Australia?

I’ve noticed that among the small number of cars in stock, most of them are the models very few people want to buy (erm… that’s why they’re still in stock.)

So, rather than listing those cars, here are 6 Good New Cars In Stock (at the time of writing):

  • Skoda Kamiq Style
  • Skoda Kodiaq Style & RS
  • Skoda Karoq Style
  • Skoda Octavia RS
  • Volvo XC40 Mild Hybrid
  • Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid

More About the New Car Market in Australia

Can I negotiate a discount on a new car in 2024?

The short answer is yes, however getting a good discount can range from difficult to virtually impossible depending on which dealer you visit, and which model you’re considering.

There is no escaping the fact the new car market in Australia in 2024 is still a seller’s market.

New car availability has been heavily constrained by a variety of factors that have come about as a flow on from the covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time, consumer demand is extremely high for a variety of reasons also linked to the pandemic.

Because of that, every dealer has far fewer cars than usual to sell, and an excess of potential customers.

In addition to car dealers being in a strong position to sell new cars at a higher than normal profit, they really NEED to sell cars at a decent profit, because they might only have, say, 15 of a model to sell in a month, rather than the more usual 50 cars.

As a result of all this, it has become reasonably common for my clients to report that retail salespeople at dealerships they have visited have told them the best they can do is the advertised drive-away price.

The discounts I can typically achieve for clients, while below pre-covid levels, are still far greater than can be achieved in a retail showroom.

To give you a guide, you might have been quoted full retail or close to it, whereas I’d expect to save you $1000-2000 as a minimum as well as having a couple of extras thrown in.

Or, perhaps you have been quoted around $1500 off the advertised drive-away price, which could seem okay, but I can think of cases where I could increase this to $3000 or more.

Most importantly, you’ll get these discounts without having to do any of the work. And in a seller’s market, negotiation can be hard work.

I can hear you wondering…

Why is it that my suppliers offer a discount in the 2024 new car market. Because, after all, they don’t really need to? (Hey, they will DEFINITELY sell the car stock easily, given the demand.)

The reason is that I’m a long-term, repeat customer.

I have been sending legendary new car buyers like you to them for more than five years.

So, rather than giving me the ‘Take it or leave it’ treatment like a short-sighted retail salesperson might to a once-off, walk in customer, they’ll offer a decent deal.

Because if they keep offering top deals, I will probably continue sending them fabulous clients for years.

What about cancelled new car orders? Can I find better availability that way?

My clients ask me from time to time whether I might find them a new car that’s become available at short notice.

Aren’t there cancelled orders? (Because, for example, the original buyer couldn’t obtain finance.)

And it is true that, yes, some new car orders are cancelled.

However, snapping-up one of those cars is not so easy.

For a few reasons.

I do get emails from suppliers about cars that have become available at short notice ‘for immediate delivery’.

The trouble is, so far, they are yet to line up with what any of my clients are looking for at that point in time. And on such an important and expensive purchase, it’s not worth compromising too much just to find better availability.

The other problem… is that cars available straight away are generally not cheap.

Not way-above-retail-price costly.

Let’s just say that there is definitely no discount on them.

That’s the price you pay for the convenience of not having to wait several months.

In addition, there are surely other cancelled orders that I don’t hear about.

Those cars are instead offered to the next customer in a long line.

Which is only fair, really, because that customer has probably already waited several months.

Which is cheaper, a car in stock or a factory order?

A new car sitting in a showroom that a dealer ‘wants to get rid of’ is the car that can be discounted most.

Always has been.

Always will be.

However, in the current market, there are very few new cars sitting in showrooms unaccounted for. With the exception of a few truly undesirable models, there’s very little that any dealer wants to ‘get rid of’.

And if, by a stroke of luck, there is a popular model sitting in a showroom unsold, it will be the most difficult car to get a discount on right now.

In general then, in the 2024 new car market, a factory order can be discounted more than a car in stock.

Which, is the reverse of what’s expected in a normal market, where ‘excess stock’ is cheap and ‘special orders’ come at a premium.

It’s a crazy old world we live in.

What about a demo model?

There’s the odd demonstrator car around.

But in most cases the supply shortages mean the only ‘demo’ cars a dealer has to show customers are other customers’ new cars, right before they’re delivered.

Sure, when I put a client’s new car brief out to my network, there’s a possibility a genuine demo model will come back as the best option, in terms of price and availability.

However, I don’t hunt specifically for demos.

Because, in my experience, the deal on a demo can be little or no better than a discounted new car.

And this can be even more true in the current market, where a demo would be the only drive-away-today option, which can actually make it more expensive.

When will the new car market get back to normal in Australia?

Placing an order for any number of popular mainstream models right now would see you wait until Q3 2024 before taking delivery.

And I already have clients whose new car orders are due in 2025.

So, while I don’t know when the new car market will get back to normal, I am quite confident it won’t be earlier than 2025.

Will used car prices drop in 2024?

Now, some good news.

Yes, used car prices will drop in 2024.

From their dizzying highs in 2021, used car prices in Australia began to decline not long after the Reserve Bank of Australia first increased the cash rate in May 2022.

With several rate rises since, and more to come, used car sale prices continue to be impacted.

And significantly improved new car availability, when it eventuates, will only fuel declines that have so far been driven by shifts in the economy and diminished consumer sentiment.

It’s worth noting that the 2021 used car sale price peaks represented increases of 50 or even 100 percent compared with the previous year. The growth was huge!

And asking prices remain elevated, with sellers unaware – or reluctant to accept – that the used car market has cooled in such a short time.

However, there are clear indicators the used car market has done its dash.

Indicators the used car market has run its race:

  • Time-on-market is extending – three to six months or more without a sale is now commonplace, and indicates an extreme mismatch between seller and buyer price expectations
  • Reductions in advertised price before an eventual sale have become more common
  • Both private sellers and used car dealers are reporting greater difficulty selling cars
  • The number of used cars listed on carsales.com.au is growing month-on-month. With greater choice on the market comes greater bargaining power.

So, if you’re selling a car, you’ll still get a premium for it compared with its 2019-’20 value, but it won’t be quite as high, or quite as easy to achieve as it was 12-18 months ago.

And if you’re buying a used car, bargain hard, because the price expectations of the majority of sellers are now unrealistic.

The dealer said my new car will take six months. Is that accurate?

Car dealership salespeople have been known to tell pork pies.

I know, I know.

You’re shocked.


In the 2024 car market, it’s not in anyone’s interests to over-promise on new car lead times.

All over-promising would do is ensure months and months of giving customers bad news updates on when their car is arriving.

Toyota even asks customers to sign an agreement these days, explaining that the lead time cannot be guaranteed.

This agreement also asks the customer to accept that that the vehicle they eventually take delivery of may be a different specification, with a higher price than the one they ordered.

Anyway, when a dealer says it will take six, nine or 12 months from placing your order, to taking delivery of your new car, it’s probably true, to the best of their knowledge.

The trouble is… if the new car wait time is much more than three months, it means the car hasn’t been built yet.

Which means there can be production hold-ups, on top of the possible shipping and logistics hiccups.

There’s a lot that can, and might go wrong in six, nine or 12 months.

But it’s not all bad…

If the indicated lead time is a month or two, it’s pretty safe.

Your new car is already built and on a ship.

There’s a lot less that can go wrong.

And sometimes, a new car that’s expected in six months even arrives a bit early, in four or five.

Why does drive.com.au report on chronic new car availability problems, but their car broker chatbot message says…

We are currently working with dealers to clear new car stock. What make and model are you interested in?

Erm… I do not know.

However, I do have lots of other insights into the State of the New Car Market in 2024.

So, if you need some info, or an availability check on a car, please feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading,

James Whitbourn
Founder & Car Broker

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2023 New Car Supply Shortage | carhelper.com.au

New Car Supply Shortage 2023: Why your next new car could be months away & what you can do about it

Semiconductor Computer Chip Shortage Causes 2021 New Car Supply Shortage in Australia

Is the new car supply shortage improving in 2023? For most brands and models, it is starting to.

Will I have to pay full price to buy a new car? Not if you’re a client of mine.

Here’s why there are so few new cars in dealerships in 2023 & how you can still get a great deal.

First, let’s go back a couple of years to understand how we got here…

COVID & Chips: A Short History of the 2021-23 New Car Supply Shortage

December 2019

The infectious COVID-19 disease hits

First quarter 2020

As lock-downs happen globally, new car production in various plants is brought to a temporary standstill

April 2020

Australian new car sales drop 48.5 percent compared with the same month in 2019.

It’s the largest monthly decrease since figures were recorded.

This comes as the industry continues to struggle, following 25 consecutive months of sales decline.

Opportunist new car buyers start circling for a bargain.

There are good deals to be had.

But the expected fire-sale prices don’t really eventuate.

Predicting there’s worse to come, dealer groups don’t stock up on cars like they normally would.

June 2020

Driven by periods of an improving COVID-19 situation in parts of Australia, as well as government stimulus, consumer confidence has grown.

The EOFY prompts strong demand for new cars.

The effects of low new car stock levels starts to bite.

It’s no longer possible to just walk into a showroom and drive away in a new car.

Customers are in the unusual situation of waiting months for common car models.

Second half 2020

New car demand remains strong. Supply is still short.

With lock-downs and work-from-home still happening globally, home office and consumer entertainment electronics are in hot demand and their manufacturers have been snaffling the supply of semiconductor components – computer chips – that might have gone into building your next new car.

In turn some vehicle production plants are at a standstill.

Early to mid-2021

Demand for new and used cars is immense.

Australians are shunning public transport.

Taking off on road-trip-style holidays.

And spending up on a nice new car with the budget usually reserved for doing things that we can’t do right now – such as travelling overseas.

The new car stock situation goes from bad to worse.

Delivery time frames for common models rapidly slip from ‘next month’ to four or five months.


New car supply remains constrained and industry insiders suggest the situation won’t be resolved until 2024 or later. However, while the supply of some brands remains as scarce as ever, there are signs of improvement for others.

What Car Buyers Can Do About the New Car Supply Shortage

Well, there’s no way around the fact that, for a lot of models, there will be a wait of some months.

But it seems Australian new car buyers are generally a pretty patient bunch.

According to one Sydney Mazda Fleet Sales Manager, “Most customers are happy just to get a place in the queue and know their car is coming.”

But what about the conventional wisdom that suggests the best deal is on a vehicle in the showroom that a dealer ‘wants to get rid of’.

With so few cars sitting in showrooms, and so many potential buyers, is there any way to get a decent discount?

“I’m still discounting cars for the brokers that I’ve been dealing with for a long time, because they’re my customers,” our Mazda Fleet man said.

“The current situation will pass and I want them to still be my customers at the end of it.”

So, if run-out deals typically apply to vehicles in stock, surely it follows that a customer will pay top dollar to factory-order a new vehicle.

Usually, yes, however in the 2023 New Car Supply Shortage environment, there are cases where this is inverted.

According to a corporate sales manager at one of the Big Three premium European brands, “I can aggressively discount a factory order vehicle, but for a car that’s landed in Australia that can be delivered next week, it becomes more difficult.

“As soon as a car comes into stock, retail knows they can sell it for full price.”

Yes, in hindsight, the job of a car broker pre-COVID was simple.

Tender the requirements of a client to a network of dealership fleet suppliers.

Achieve a cracking price on a vehicle that exactly matches the customer’s wish list, arrange the order, and see the client happily drive away inside a couple of weeks.

COVID & the chip shortage have certainly made the process more difficult, but also allowed a broker to flex a few new skills.

5 Key Benefits of Using a Car Broker during the 2023 New Car Supply Shortage

  1. Find a better delivery time frame for a vehicle (where possible)
  2. Find the exact vehicle specification and colour that a customer is looking for, rather than accepting a compromise
  3. Leverage a substantial discount on a car where the supplier may be aware there are very few alternatives available
  4. Optimising delivery time frame vs best price. Is the offer better on a vehicle in stock, or a factory order? This can vary from case to case.
  5. Give individuals and small business the ability to purchase via fleet supply channels – the dealer group division that usually supplies to companies and the government.

Okay, so that last one is of benefit during normal times. But right now it’s even more valuable.

Because retail salespeople are more standoffish than usual – they have way more customers than cars to sell. And they’re even more difficult than normal to negotiate with.

There are also some genuine upsides of the current situation.

Your old vehicle will be worth more in the current market, as some new-car buyers divert to second-hand cars to avoid the wait, putting used cars in short supply, too.

And with interest rates only starting to rise from historic lows, there are still some low rates available for car loans via a good car finance broker such as ours.

So if you need some help sourcing your new car, get in touch today.

I’ll get you a top deal on your new car and secure the earliest available spot in the queue.

James Whitbourn
Founder & Car Broker

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