How it works

3 amazingly easy steps to saving thousands on a car


1. Tell us what you're looking for

Tell us exactly what you’re looking for including the model, specification level, paint colour, accessories and when you would like it delivered. We'll put the quote requests out to our massive network and, if you wish, get the ball rolling with online valuations for the trade-in or sale of your old car, and a low-rate car finance quote from our partner broker.


2. Accept the winning offer

We’ll provide a best-price quote for you to consider – or multiple quotes if there is more than one option available, such as different paint colours or delivery timing. Our supplier network will bend over backwards to attract your business, because they know you’re a genuine motivated buyer. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the prices we can achieve!


3. Take delivery!

You take delivery of your new car. It’s up to you whether it’s delivered to your door, or you drive away from a showroom. Should you wish, you will get a run through the car’s features, such as how to pair your phone and set up the multimedia system, and utilise all the active safety technologies, as well as the answers to any questions you have.

Why choose Car Helper?

The average car broker is a former car salesman. We’re very different …


1. We're not a car dealer

Car Helper was founded by Australian automotive writer James Whitbourn, a car reviewer and industry analyst of 15 years. Car Helper has the extensive network of dealer fleet suppliers of a car broker, without the typical car broker’s slimy sales executives (many of them former car salesmen). One of the main reasons for dodging car dealers and using a car broker instead is to avoid sales tricks and tactics, and you certainly won’t get any of those here. Just a great price and independent advice that comes from having road-tested almost every new car on sale.


2. We don't hide our service cost

We’re transparent about how our car broker service works, the discounts that are possible, and how much it costs. There is a tender fee of $165 up front for us to source fleet-discounted new-car quotes on your behalf - our customers get their $165 back many, many times over in saved time, money and hassle. The dealer that can supply your new car at the best price also pays Car Helper a small fee for sending them your business. This referral fee is a small fraction of the discounts we regularly achieve... such as $8898 off a Mazda CX-9, or an $8523 saving on a new Ford Ranger.


3. We'll save you more x 4

Including the discount on your new car, there are savings at four steps in the purchase, and we’ll make sure you pocket every one of them. Our partner finance broker will compare your options from a panel of lenders, looking past misleading monthly repayment and questionable 0% interest figures to minimise your total loan cost. Our higher trade-in values always come as a big bonus. Then there's the biggest saving. As the only car broker that really knows cars, we'll help you avoid models with reliability, running-cost or resale question marks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Car Helper?

Car Helper is a car broker based in Neutral Bay New South Wales and serving Greater Sydney. The company was founded by Australian motoring writer James Whitbourn, built on the foundation of expert car advice drawing from more than a decade as a new car reviewer. Car Helper has a car broker’s big buying power and fleet supplier network, but instead of dealing with a sales executive, you’ll deal only with an independent car expert.

How does a car broker get me a better price?

By buying lots of cars for our customers, and by sending out only the enquiries of genuine motivated buyers, Car Helper has access to preferential pricing that is not available to the public. We achieve GENUINE discounts of more than 10 percent on new cars every day. Car Helper makes dealership fleet departments compete against each other to supply your new car at a massive discount, without you having to do any hard work or negotiating.

How much does the service cost?

The Car Helper tender fee is $165 – a small price to pay for the convenience we bring to car-buying and the substantial savings we regularly achieve for our clients. Upon payment, we will request quotes from our dealership fleet network to meet the new car specification you provide. As a Car Helper customer you will also have access to online valuations for the trade-in or sale of your old car, to expert car advice, and to our trusted partner car finance broker. And your new car comes with free home-delivery.

Why should I use a car broker?

A good car broker will save you from spending your precious weekends driving from dealer to dealer, because the salesmen won’t give you a price on the phone. And, of course, the buying power of a car broker will save you money. With a car broker such as you will not only save on your new car, you’ll also benefit from a higher trade-in value, and our partner broker will save you on your car loan. Finally, if you choose Car Helper, you’ll receive genuine, independent car advice rather than sales tricks or tactics.

Are you open on weekends?

Car Helper is open for new vehicle enquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, we work our car-sourcing magic during business hours, which are from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm. Importantly, for existing customers, new vehicle deliveries do regularly happen on the weekend, as well as the communication of important information about your purchase. We get it – you’re busy and the weekend can be the best time. For all new enquiries sent after hours, you will hear from us on the next business day.

Can you find me a used car?

The Car Helper car broker service is for new cars – we don’t source used cars. Why? Buying used can be a terrific way to avoid the initial depreciation of a brand new car, but the only way to fully realise this benefit is to buy privately, because dealer used cars are typically overpriced. However, buying privately is time-consuming and comes with its own risks. We like brand new cars because we are sourcing a known product for our customers – one with the peace of mind of a manufacturer’s warranty.

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